Wednesday, 3 July 2013


This month has been an incredible month for me and I haven't really taken the chance to write about it as I've been so busy! The first thing to happen (and I've cheated abit as it wasn't in June!) was the Bupa 10K my dad and I completed for Crohns and Colitis UK. I booked this run in January only a couple of months after I came out of hospital as a challenge for me to get better by and it definitely worked! Although my time wasn't great I didn't realise how long the race would actually feel and how tired it would make me. Coming past the finish line and seeing my friends waiting there was amazing and I'm so happy they wanted to come and support us. We managed to raise around £300, with £100 coming from my lovely grandparents and their friends. I'm so proud to have achieved this and surprised at how much my body can still actually do! 


Before my trip I decided to hold a party to say bye to everyone and also just because its a great excuse to have a party! We had a 90's theme as I love the music from the 90's and wanted a chance to make a playlist of all my favourite songs. My friend Izz made a quiz which was so much fun and we had a brilliant night. I also found out just before going away that my Crohn's is finally in remission! I'm so happy that my nurse has managed to find the right medication for me and I think that all the exercise and keeping healthy has played a big part in getting back to normal again!


The next and main thing from this month was travelling Europe with Lisa for 3 weeks! As you might have seen from my last posts we have been to 11 cities in 22 days and it was amazing! It went past so quickly but we had the best time, my favourite country was Vienna where we went on the worlds tallest swing ride and then into a music festival where Maximo Park were playing the next day! I've never had so much fun and I'm so glad I got to spend it with Lisa. Its encouraged both of us to keep going and do so many more things now we know we can do anything! 


Just a few days after getting back I had my driving test! This was my third test, but 1st with my new instructor (who happens to be one of my dads friends which helped!) and I passed! It was the best I have ever driven and I only got 2 minors! This week I will be getting mums car as shes getting a new one and I cant wait to be driving around and not relying on everyone else! 

The final part of my big month happened a few hours after my driving test, I had an interview for a job with the NHS and I got it! This will be so handy as I already spend enough time at the hospital so now I might even work there. This is a picture of my outfit and also the first time I have worn a pencil skirt, I think I might be converted!